“TSING PACKING is the best option in the industry for creating premium tin packaging that reflects your brand image an company vision.”

Tsing Packing Ltd. is a full-service decorative tin packaging Manufacturer. Since 2003 we have been a leader in tin packaging, and have worked with some of the most recognizable brands across the globe. Today our company employs more than 500 skilled workers and has the production capacity to reach over 8 million units per month.

we will support you every step of the way, as we continue our mission to become the world’s top tin packaging service provider.



Our people are our greatest asset, and every single employee is part of the Tsing Packing family.  That is the concept which we live and breathe every day, as we strive to be industry leaders in social assistance and work-life balance; both in Hong Kong, China, and across the globe.  We take great pride in showcasing our team and facilities.

Jared has been immersed in businesses, industries, and organizations of all shapes and sizes for over 10 years. Ranging from developing specialized training programs, volunteering both internationally and locally, to managing international supply chains and sourcing packaging solutions for clients. He has intimate knowledge of the needs and logistics of startups whether it’s marketing, strategy, or packaging. Jared is currently building cohesive international teams, streamlining efficient processes and identifying opportunities in the packaging market for Heliosphere Solutions and their partners in manufacturing. Located on 50,000 square meters of industrial land, our flagship production facility is one of the most advanced tin making facilities in the world. We also have an additional 1 factories in Dongguan, an in-house design company in Asia and a Hong Kong design/sales team in Hong Kong.

All of our production facilities are home to state-of-the-art equipment used to complete every facet of tin manufacturing and design.  We strongly believe in keeping 100% of the manufacturing and tin lithography in-house in order to maintain the highest quality control standards and to ensure efficient production timeframes.

Our raw material warehouse holds over ten thousand tons of tin-plated metal in storage to ensure availability of materials and price stability. Custom moulds are all made onsite using one of our 40 advanced mould-making machines, with a team of 50 experienced technicians. We use over 1000 manual tin punching machines, and offer automated/semi-automated line setup on demand. We also produce cartons to spec in-house at our cardboard factory. Along the way, our team of 40 quality control inspectors ensures that all aspects of production are completed at the highest level. Our ability to control all aspects of production ensures efficiency, high quality, and proper execution of our customer's packaging projects.


Using techniques involving smelts and magnets, tin-plated steel can be recycled quicker, easier, and more efficiently than other packaging materials such as plastic and paper. It is also biodegradable, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Even with numerous environmental benefits, most of the Tsing Can tins you see will never end up being discarded.  The reason is that our tins are made to be reused, shared, and collected.  Due to the magnificent nature of Tsing Can custom printed packaging, our tins usually find permanent homes on desks, mantles, cupboards and coffee tables everywhere. Our team of specialists executes your company’s vision by developing some of the most stunning and unique packagings in the industry. Your product and brand will continue to live on in households across the globe, strengthening your company image while at the same time avoiding any waste and negative environmental impact.