Tsing Factory uses both CMYK and Pantone printing methods. Depending on the design either or both of these printing methods can be used. Our factory is the leader in color accuracy and registration accuracy.

3D Rendering
Take your concept to “virtual’ reality using our in-house design team’s rendering department with highly skilled member trained in 3D rendering.
Custom Patterns & Design
Add texture and luxury to your design using our expertise in embossing.? We can create and design delicate details as little as 1 mm in thickness that can enhance your final product and elevate your brand through the elegance of our embossing abilities.
Concepts & Branding Strategy
Our team of experts can develop packaging concepts and a detailed strategy of how to position your product and brand to maximize revenue and increase profit.
Stock Patterns
We have created a library of stock designs that can be used as is or with some simple modifications can become your very own unique and award winner package design.
Design Consultation
Whether you are starting from scratch, or want to change an existing design for your packaging, our expert design consultants can extract your ideas and turn them into reality. We work closely with our clients and take a hands-on approach to ensure their vision for a beautiful tin package goes beyond their expectations.
Custom Print Applications
Lithograph printing on the tin is a skill that takes many years to master and with those skills, there are several applications that can be done to enhance the appearance and feel of your tin. READ MORE
Custom Mould Design
A custom shaped mould can take your tin package to new levels of creativity and set your product far above your competition. From simple to ornate, we have designed and made over 3000 moulds and have been innovating and pushing the limits of tin packaging all at our in-house custom mould studio.