Our in-house design team is constantly pushing the envelope to develop new shapes, patterns and embossing art to make your tin unique and memorable.

CMYK and Pantone Printing
Tsing Factory uses both CMYK and Pantone printing methods. Depending on the design either or both of these printing methods can be used. Our factory is the leader in colour accuracy and registration accuracy.
The tin material allows itself to embossing techniques, which give an adding texture and luxury to your design. Our skills in embossing are well known and can achieve even the most delicate of details with abilities to emboss as little as 1 mm in thickness.
Matte and Gloss
The use of matte and gloss finishes also adds to the overall design of your tin. You can even use a combination to spot gloss or matte details into your design.
Print and Tin
The best part about using the tin for your packaging is that it has a natural shine demanding of attention. The use of print and raw tin can take a simple design and make it amazing.
Other Tin Materials
At Tsing Factory we can also source other types of tin materials such as iridescent tin and galvanized tin to make your packaging unique and edgy.